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Year 6 Parent?

If you're a Year 6 parent, you may be showing some classic signs and symptoms of anxiety and stress at this time of year.

The problem?

"Selection." We've said the taboo word.

Entrance examination and selection - the process which separates the wheat from the chaff.

11+, educationally, is a highly charged time. Emotionally, you, too, are highly charged.

You don't need us to tell you that a good education paves the path to success, do you? Neither do you need us to tell you that the best gift you can give your child is education, do you?

But . . .

If you are clutching your son or daughter's school report from which glares poor grades and levels, particularly in English then, despite popular belief, you do need us.

Each year, the 11+ entrance examination get tougher and tougher. Limited places for quality education in prestigious schools has created a challenge - only the brightest wins.

For those Year 6 parents who are unfamiliar with the 11+ entrance examination and selection ordeal, but who are seriously considering entering their child as a worthy competitor, let us tell you about the process.

11+ entrance examination and selection occurs every year in January - it is an ominous and onerous occasion which follows the joyous festive period of peace and goodwill to men. The entrance examination and selection process varies and may consist of several parts: an on-line test which examines your child's potential cognitive skills in English and Maths, hence the need to learn English well. A creative writing test, again, placing importance on the need to learn English. If successful, then it's the next round - the 'Interview'.

"Is that it?" we hear you say.

No. The 'Interview' prior to the examination.

At interview, your child will be assessed on speaking and presentation - Yes, the need to learn English, again - see how important learning English is as a subject. If successful at interview, then it may be the examination.

The examination. A wide range of trying, tricky and taxing tests: Verbal reasoning, Non-Verbal reasoning, Mathematics and English. If successful, your child may receive an offer. If not, then you may appeal.

And which paper may be used for appeals?

Correct. The English Paper!

The 11+ entrance examination and selection process appears to favour those children with good English skills - English spelling and English grammar are the most important.

And, if unsuccessful at 11+ . . .

Try again - at 13+.

Good luck!


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