Lesson No 2 – British English Vowels

Vowel Sounds are Important for British English Elocution

In this Elocution Practice, you will learn about the importance of strong vowel sounds for British English Elocution.  You will be introduced to four important vowels.  You will also learn the special phonetic symbols for these vowels which come from a specialised sound alphabet called 'The International Phonetic Alphabet' - the 'IPA' for short.

These important vowels are:

Ah (it sounds like 'R'!) /ɑː/

Aw (it sounds like 'Or'!) /ɔː/

Oh (it sounds like "Oh, really?"/əʊ/

Oo (it sounds like ('Ou' as in 'Ou, look at you!) //.

Access your free Vowel Elocution Lesson below and let's begin the Elocution Practice by listening to its sound file - we are only going to practise Track No 8 on your sheet:

Vowel Exercises - The Lips - Ah Aw Oh Oo

Now, let's practice the Vowel Elocution Lesson together to a musical rhythm - rhythm is important in British English speech!  Access your sound file below:

The musical sound file below is for you to practise by yourself - Remember to hold the vowel as much as possible:

Vowel Exercises plus Consonant

Once you have mastered the vowel exercises, then the next step is to add a consonant sound.  We are going to add the sounds of 'M', 'P', 'B' and 'L'.

Access your free Consonant Plus Vowel Lesson below.  

Vowel Exercises - The Lips - Mah - Loh

Now, this is important . . . We are to get onto the 'Vowel' sound which we have practised as soon as possible.  So, we are going to 'Soften' the consonant and emphasise the vowel.  Remember, the stronger the 'Vowel', the stronger your British English Elocution will sound.  Listen to the Vowel Exercise sound files below.

This is the Mah Maw Moo May Moh Vowel Exercise:

This is the Pah Paw Poo Pay Poh Vowel Exercise:

This is the Bah Baw Boo Bay Boh Vowel Exercise:

And this is the Lah Law Loo Lay Loh Vowel Exercise:

Now, let's practise together the Consonant-Vowel Exercises together to a musical rhythm - Remember to hold the vowel:

Below is the musical sound file for you to practise alone:

We have covered the basic Consonant-Vowel sounds in this lesson.  Do not forget to do a daily 5 minute Elocution Practice!



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