Kids’ Elocution Course – Speak Properly for Children | Vowel Elocution Exercises Level 1b

Speak Properly! for Children - Vowel Elocution Exercises eCourse

Our second level Elocution eCourse for kids who are beginners – Speak Properly! for Children - Level 1B

Our second Elocution Lessons eCourse for Kids will help your child to develop important British English Pronunciation for vowel sounds which are the basis of good elocution practice. 

Our kids' elocution eCourse continues to develop elocution for kids  by showing you and your child how to produce English vowel sounds by video clip demonstration.  The vowel elocution exercises are put to tunes to make your child's elocution lessons fun, interactive and more importantly enjoyable!

Speak Properly! for Children - Beginners - Level 1B has been specially designed for young learners as well as for their parents, carers and teachers.  

Our new second level course contains 15 elocution exercises for children, 19 sound files, 15 elocution exercise tunes and 16 elocution exercise video clip demonstrations together with a 26 page illustrated kids' elocution exercise multimedia eCourse book all of which will help your child with English pronunciation.  Learning English kids' elocution hasn't been so much fun! 

As with our Speak Properly! for Children - Beginners - Level 1A eCourse, Level 1B is suitable for children where English is a Second Language, help in correcting a slight speaking defect or for children lacking confidence in speaking.

Our second level course continues to build upon confidence development in helping children to speak in a clear and focused voice, nurture a physical presence as well as learning English.


This online 'An English Pronunciation Course for Beginners – Level 1B' covers:

  • Introduction
    • Voice Care
    • How to do your Exercises
    • When to do your Exercises
    • Your Training Area - 'The Mouth'
  • English Articulation Consonant Vowel Back of Tongue Exercises:
    • Ker Kay
    • Ker Kay Kah
  • English Articulation Consonant Vowel Lip Exercises:
    • Per Pay
    • Ber Bay
    • Mer May
    • Per Pay Pah
    • Ber Bay Bah
    • Mer May Mah
  • English Articulation Vowel Lip Exercises:
    • Ah Oo
    • Ah Aw Oo Ah
    • Ah Aw Oh Oo
  • English Articulation Consonant Vowel Lip Exercises:
    • Mah Maw Moo May Moh
    • Pah Paw Poo Pay Poh
    • Bah Baw Boo Bay Boh
    • Lah Law Loo Lay Loh
  • Elocution eCourse contains:

  • 15 Kids' Elocution Exercises
  • 4 Introductory and Close Sound Files
  • 15 Specially Designed Elocution Exercise Tunes
  • 16 Video Clip Elocution Exercise Demonstrations
  • 26 Page Illustrated Multimedia eCourse Book

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