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If you are an Elocution Teacher, Accent Reduction Teacher, Specialist English Teacher, LAMDA Teacher or Speech and Language Therapist with expertise in teaching and helping children to improve their communication skills, then your skills are invaluable to parents and carers who visit our website!

Through this Member Zone, we aim to bring children's Speech and Language Practitioners together to assist parents and carers find your expertise to help their children.

We do not offer gold, silver or bronze levels of membership as we do not believe that there should be any segregation amongst Speech and Language Practitioners which may prevent children benefiting from your knowledge and help.

Instead we ask for a reasonable annual membership fee for which you will be encouraged to write articles advertising and informing our parents and carers of your skills so that they can contact you direct.  In addition, you will be contributing and sharing your knowledge with other Speech and Language Practitioners with the aim of helping children to improve their communication skills and assisting their parents and carers.


What we offer in return for your valuable membership:

♦  Advertising of your professional profile to our visitors

♦  Your photograph uploaded

♦  Insert a website link or contact details

♦  Direct contact enquiries from our visitors

♦  Direct communication with our visitors

♦  No commission fees payable

♦  No agency fees payable

♦  Short article contributions to publicise your skills

♦  Contribute to Free Elocution Tips to highlight your expertise

♦  Share knowledge with other Speech and Language Practitioners

♦  Help children, parents and carers

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