Specialised Elocution Lessons | Speech Difficulty Children

Specialised Elocution Lessons for Children with Speech Difficulties

These specialised Elocution Lessons for Children aim to strengthen weaknesses in the following areas:

•  Improve listening skills and sub-listening skills

•  Improve hearing ability

•  Improve segmental speech sound distinction

•  Improve suprasegmental spoken British English features

•  Increase flexibility in articulation motor movement

•  Improve accuracy in British English speech sound reproduction

•  Improve vowel development for spoken British English

•  Improve speech sound respiration

•  Improve clarity in British English pronunciation

•  Increase confidence in communication

•  Increase self-esteem in effective communication

•  Build firm foundation in British English Received Pronunciation

Course includes:

•  Articulation Muscularity Exercise Worksheet

•  Articulation Muscularity and Word Exercise Worksheet

•  Ear Training Vowel Distinction Exercise Worksheet

•  Articulation Exercises Worksheets

•  Audio Articulation Exercises

•  Speech Analysis Share

Course:  12 x 30 Minute Live Online Face-to-Face Sessions Once per Week
Cost:  £280

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