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It’s coming . . . feel the fear!

It's nearly here . . .

Sweat surges to students' brows.

Adrenalin rushes through the ravines of parents’ arteries.

Children cower in cold corners.

Yes, you've got it! It's the start of the new academic year!

But does it always have to be this way?

No, of course not.

We know that it starts with the opening of exam results in early August which divides parents and pupils into two distinct groups - 'Delight' and 'Despair'.

Now, if you're a Delight parent with Delight pupils, then you have nothing to despair as you clutch a handful of good examination results - upwards to the next educational level and the challenges it may bring.

But, if you're a Despair parent with Despair pupils, then you are justified in your despair and nobody should deprive you of that feeling.

Students! We wouldn't forget you . . .

It's simple for students . . . The groups are 'Success' and 'Failure'.

If you're a Success student with successful results - Well done!

If you're a Failure student, then join those in Despair and take heart - all is not lost.

As you know, pupils and students learn at different rates. Pupils and students have individual learner characteristics, and apply their own learner strategies in acquiring knowledge. A late learner or slow developer does not mean failure or despair. Many late learners and slow developers appear to quickly outshine their successful peers. But how?

They have a guardian educational angel called a 'Personal Tutor'. That tricky mathematical problem or those thorny poetic techniques no longer seem to be a challenge when you're given the right tools!

So Failure students, Despair parents and Despair pupils, don't you think it's time to swap those weighty pitch forks and shovels for a personal tutor? Do it now . . .

whilst you still have time!


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