Kids’ Elocution Classes – Face-to-Face 1-to-6 Group Live Online


Kids’ Elocution Lessons and Children’s Elocution Classes, Small Group, Kids’ Elocution Lessons on a budget.


Kids' Elocution Classes 

Small Group Face-to-Face 1-to-6 Live Online

Start Date: To be confirmed

Time:  To be confirmed

Duration: 6 weeks (45 minutes per lesson)

Price: £99

Level: Beginners

Age Range:  7 - 11 Years

Mode:  Face-to-Face Live Online via Zoom

Group Size: 6

Our 1-to-6 Kids' Elocution Lessons cover:

  • The five basic vowel sounds of BBC English
  • English articulation exercises
  • Forward placement
  • Producing English speech sounds 
  • English pronunciation exercises
  • Basic International Phonetic Alphabet
  • Developing listening skills for English pronunciation
  • Learning how to speak English clearly
  • Learning how to speak confidently
  • Learning English pitch, pause and pace
  • Speaking English with confidence and projection skills

'Certificate of Attendance' on successful completion of the course.

After completion the course, your child may transfer to our LAMDA for Kids Elocution Courses. 

These Elocution lessons aim to help your child speak clearly and confidently in a small supportive group.

If you are happy to use Zoom and wish your child to have Elocution lessons but you are on a limited budget, then use our 'Contact Us' form to express an interest for your child to join our small Elocution lessons group - places are strictly limited to 6.


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