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Kids Learn English Elocution Better with LAMDA Classes

Help your child to learn Elocution with LAMDA Classes

The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, or LAMDA as it is often referred to, is one of the oldest drama schools in the UK. It has established a reputation as a centre of excellence, prestige and distinction and it has trained some of the world’s most highly acclaimed actors and stage technicians. The LAMDA qualifications, the UK’S largest statutory speech and drama awarding body, are an extension of that very distinction.

The tuition we provide through our Little Voices Academy programmes offer a range of benefits which support the creative, intellectual and social development of your child, especially if your son or daughter is a young learner. LAMDA tuition will equip your child with the tools to develop strong communication skills, broaden imagination and refine Key English skills. Whilst working towards the examinations, your child will learn theory surrounding the art of speaking and will be encouraged to explore how to use his or her voice, breath and body in supporting the written word whilst bringing it alive. And as you know, these important skills help your child to develop elocution.

These important elocution classes for your child include articulation, enunciation, grammar, emphasis, tone and, of course, poise and gesture. Undeniably, acquiring the knowledge and the skills to speak properly will open a wide range of opportunities for your son or daughter. More importantly, your child will be in a setting where encouragement and support are abundant to allow your son or daughter's self–confidence and self-esteem to grow.

Additionally, your child will explore and study a range of literature ranging from Shakespeare to modern poetry, which for pre-GCSE pupils, in particular, is hugely supportive of the work being carried out in the school classroom.

And looking forward to your child's future, LAMDA classes will help your son or daughter to become familiar with professionalism that will transfer to future career development opportunities.

The most beneficial aspect of LAMDA classes is the combination of acquired skills and certification that your child will receive ultimately, which promotes a successful and rewarding career development in the near future.

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