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Specialised Elocution for Kids Aged 6

Learning elocution for children aged 6 needs a different approach.

Your child's English pronunciation of the important consonants and vowels would have started to be heard from the babbling stage.

If your child has now reached 6 years old, then he or she has reached an interesting stage of language development.

The complex word constructions which started at the age of 5, will now be developing towards mature speech. You may even be surprised to know that, during the first six years of your son or daughter's life, he or she will have been learning approximately 14 words per day which averages to 5,000 words a year - fascinating!

But, you may be concerned. Perhaps the clarity of the sounds that your child is producing aren't quite clear enough, and you may be justified in your concern.

At the age of 6, your son or daughter will have started to add prefixes and suffixes to words which require extra pronunciation, such as 'untied' or the 'ness' in happiness. If the correct placement of the tongue or lips has not been taught to produce the important English consonants of 't', 'd', or 'n', or those of the vowel sounds, which are now required to produce these sophisticated prefixes and suffixes, then the clarity in your child's speech will be reduced. That is why we are holding a specialised elocution for kids aged 6 workshop.

Our Specialised Elocution for Kids Aged 6 Years and Parents Half-Day Workshop is fun and interactive with important articulation exercises to encourage your child's correct tongue and lip placement being set to music.

But, as this is a specialised workshop we can only offer five places - so book now by clicking on the link below.

Specialised Elocution for Kids Aged 6 Years Workshop


Saturday 26 October 2013 from 10:00 hrs to 13:00 hrs GMT

Where: South London

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