Elocution for Kids – Beginner Flashcards


Elocution for Kids Beginner Flashcards

Simple fun to use cards to help your child remember how to say the most important British English vowel sounds.

  • Hear the correct sound
  • See the correct mouth position
  • See the correct lip placement
  • Say the correct sound
  • Play the Elocution Quiz
  • Win Elocution points
  • Have Elocution fun!


Elocution for Kids made Easy!

These Kids' Elocution Flashcards for Beginners will help your child learn the six basic British English vowel sounds:

/ɜː/ ERR

/ɑː/ ARE

/ɔː/ OR

/uː/ OO

/əʊ/ OH

Kids can enjoy learning British English vowel sounds for Elocution in a fun way!

Using video clips to see the mouth position, lip placement and hear the correct sound will help your child to say the sounds accurately.

The Kids' Elocution Flashcards have points allowing you and your child to play the Elocution Game:

  1. Show the flashcard symbol
  2. Wait for your child to say the sound
  3. Win points!
  4. Say the words
  5. Win 'Big' points!

Try our Free Sample Download - Watch the Video Clip . . . Win Points!

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