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LAMDA Examinations are Beneficial

LAMDA Classes for Children, and LAMDA Classes for Adults which lead to LAMDA examinations offer many benefits to its learners young and old, stretching far beyond the literary texts that they study.

Since beginning in the 1880’s the LAMDA examinations have been developed into a comprehensive system of performance evaluation overseen by experts in education, performance and communication. The LAMDA examinations equip its learners with a range of skills including; communication skills; technical skills; team-work skills and creative thinking.

The examinations are particularly beneficial to young people as they prepare its learners for future career developments. The examinations allow learners to measure their progress and success against an international standard. This immediately encourages learners to increase their own expectations of what they can achieve. Developing this culture of over-achievement encourages learners to believe they can succeed and indeed do.

The criticism they receive both from examiners and teachers will assist learners in developing their skills. More importantly, learners are given the necessary tools to understand how to use the critical appraisal and guidance constructively. It is this understanding of how to take criticism and use it positively that will guide learners through obstacles and challenges that may arise in the future.

The certification they receive after each examination is recognised with esteem and high acclaim. This recognition will not only boost self-confidence and self-esteem but it will also assist in career development. Having these certificates will give students an immediate head start in the competitive job industry or selection and entrance examinations.

Another beneficial aspect of the LAMDA examinations is that it puts the learner into contact with an expert practitioner. This contact will teach LAMDA learners how to behave in a professional situation. It will also inform learners about the different ways they can adapt their behaviour according to who they are in company with. They will learn how to alter their voice and their body language to communicate in different situations.

Finally, LAMDA examinations will give learners the opportunity to gain skills and knowledge in speaking properly. This knowledge combined with the experience they receive speaking in front of somebody else will help learners to gain the confidence to speak in public and will be valuable practice for future professional activity. Most learners taking the LAMDA examinations will eventually find their futures heavily influenced by stress-filled oral interviews, whether it is for college, university or for a job. The examinations and the preparation students must undertake for them will help them gain the necessary skills and ability to succeed in these important interviews. Teaching them the skills to overcome nerves, remain collected whilst giving cogent and coherent responses. Nervousness and the inability to speak well with confidence can hold people back from achieving their present and future goals and dreams.

Enrol your child into one of our professional LAMDA for Children programmes. If you are an adult and concerned about your ability in speaking in public or to your managers and clients, then join one of our intensive one-to-one LAMDA for Adult training programmes.

It’s never too late to learn how to communicate professionally.


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