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LAMDA Elocution for Kids – Our First Nigerian Success

No, ifs or buts – we knew it would be a success!

Our first online live LAMDA Elocution for Kids to Nigeria has been a success, with our first young learners entered for the LAMDA Examinations this summer.

Such is our success that we are receiving more enquiries for online live LAMDA Elocution Classes for Kids and Learn Business English Online from Nigeria.

And what is our next step?

Our next step will be to form a LAMDA Examination private centre in Abuja so that as many young and adult learners may benefit from our elocution classes or accent reduction courses through the LAMDA learning pathways for professional communication development.

So thrilled and delighted with LAMDA Elocution for Kids programmes that one of our young Nigerian LAMDA Speaking Verse and Prose learners would like to share her own poem with you to brighten your Monday morning blues . . .


LAMDA Elocution for Children Nigeria - A Success Story

LAMDA Elocution for Children Nigeria - A Success Story


By Azeemah

If I was a famous fairy,

I would touch the super star in the stern sky.

And make pink paint fall like rain

while the rainbow strip appears.

If I was a phantom fairy,

I would scare people in the dark with my spiky spider pet.

For my spider looks so big like an elephant in the dark.

And I am also a great giant to behold.

If I was a friendly fairy,

I would play with awkward animals.

Playing a game of animal catcher.

And playing awkwardly all day.

But, now I am a happy human.

I will do what happy humans do.

For I will hop in the sun,

and sing my favourite tunes.


From LAMDA Elocution for Kids Nigeria, have a wonderful week!


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