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Smile for 'S' Sounds, Kids!

We are currently working with young learners who experiencing difficulties in the English pronunciation of 'S' and 'Z' sounds.

As our Elocution training programmes are specific to each learner's weakness, we have developed special learning resources for children experiencing lisp sounds in their speech.

If your child is experiencing weaknesses in pronouncing 'S' or 'Z', then the following free Kids' Elocution Lesson Resource may be of assistance.


Kids' Elocution Lesson - 'S' Speech Sounds for Children

1. Stand in front of a mirror and smile bringing the lips together.

2. Gently hum 'hmm' bringing the tip of the tongue behind the lower front teeth.

3. Breathe gently through the mouth.

4. Keeping the tip of the tongue behind the lower teeth, gently take an in-breath.

5. Feel the tummy expand outwards with your in-breath.

6. Smile! Gently breathe out on 'SSS', keep the tip of the tongue behind the lower teeth.

7. Breathe in gently and repeat the exercise once again - don't forget to 'Smile!'.


Let's now turn to the 'Sixpence Song' - Parents, please contact us if you would like a free sound file of the 'Sixpence Song'.


8. Smiling with the tip of the tongue behind the lower teeth and breathing gently, sing or say the Sixpence Song:


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Happy hissing S's, kids!


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