LAMDA for Children – One-to-one Tuition – 6 Week Course



LAMDA for Children - One-to-one Face-to-face Classes

Course Date: Continuous Enrolment

Time: Flexible

Venue: Home Service or Tutor Premises

Duration: 6 weeks at 1 hour per week

Price: £395 (6 x Lessons = £65.83 approx per 1 hour lesson*)

*Excluding tutor travelling expenses for home service

Level: Beginners

Age: 5 years +

Basic English pronunciation and Elocution development, communication skills and an introduction to performance development from 5 year old plus.

Building confidence in speaking and communication skills through LAMDA Communication learning pathways.

LAMDA tutelage focuses on developing spoken English and communicative skills with the opportunity to continue to LAMDA graded examinations.

LAMDA qualifications are accredited with prior learning which may be offered in support for higher education entry.

LAMDA for Children tutelage aims to improve English pronunciation and children's elocution, supports English as a Second or Additional Language, children with slight speech impairment, children with learning difficulties or children who lack confidence in speaking.

Our LAMDA for Children courses cover:

♦  Basic English elocution development

♦  Introduction to English articulation and speech delivery

♦  Introduction to communication skills

♦  Introduction to voice project

♦  Introduction to pitch, pause and pace

♦  Introduction to speech rhythm and intonation

♦  Development of confidence in speaking

♦  Development of a clear and focused speaking voice

♦  Moderation of speaking speed

♦  English comprehension, meaning and expression

♦  Positive body language

♦  Creativity

♦  Awareness of the space


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