LAMDA Communication – Speaking in Public by One-to-One Face-to-Face Live Online Learning



Start Date: Continuous Enrolment

Duration: 12 weeks (40 minutes per lesson)

Level: Beginners to Advanced

Mode:  Face-to-Face One-to-One Live Online

Our LAMDA Speaking in Public Course is designed to help your child develop confidence and the necessary skills to deliver effective spoken communication and presentation in public.

Our LAMDA Speaking in Public Course will help your child to develop:

♦  Effective spoken skills

♦  Oral language skills

♦  Technical skills

♦  Knowledge of spoken communication skills

Course Descriptor:

♦  Elocution exercises to develop speaking confidence

♦  Articulation exercises to strengthen clarity in English pronunciation

♦  Develop clarity of speech and articulation

♦  Develop elocution and vocal power in phrasing

♦  Develop articulation and voice modulation for impact

♦  Develop skills in structuring and shaping subject matter

♦  Develop skills in coherent and concise speech

♦  Develop skills in adapting form and language to audience

♦  Develop skills in adapting language and form for situation and purpose 

♦  Building skills in clarity of speech

♦  Develop skills in vocal project

♦  Develop skills in matching tonal register to audience

♦  Develop skills in adapting tonal register to purpose and situation

♦  Develop skills in integrating body language, visual aids and notes to support subject matter

♦  Develop communication skills in engaging the listener

♦  Develop fluency and expression in speaking in public

♦  Develop interactive audience skills for effective communication

♦  Develop comprehension and summary skills

♦  Develop articulation and vocal knowledge

♦  Develop word memory to convey style and content

♦  Develop understand of subject matter

♦  Develop understanding of the techniques required for speaking in public

♦  Develop knowledge of the techniques required for speaking in public

LAMDA Examinations are optional and LAMDA Examination fees are excluded from the course fee.

Our  LAMDA Speaking in Public by One-to-One Face-to-Face Live Online Tutelage by WebCam Skype includes:

♦  Articulation Muscularity Exercise Worksheet

♦  Articulation Muscularity and Word Exercise Worksheet

♦  Ear Training Vowel Distinction Exercise Worksheet

♦  Articulation Exercises Worksheets

♦  Audio Articulation Exercises

♦  Speech Analysis Share

♦  Articulation Muscularity Video Link

♦  Articulation Muscularity and Word Video Link

♦  Intonation, Stress and Rhythm Video Link

♦  Personal Use Audio-Visual Lesson Recording Permission

♦  Professional British English Received Pronunciation Tutor

♦  Progress Reports

♦  Monitoring, Assessment and Evaluation Reports

♦  Professional Feedback on Learning and Development



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