IMPROS Introduction


What is IMPROS?

IMPROS is a specially designed speech and language science tool for British English accent and Elocution training.

How can IMPROS help me to improve my English accent and pronunciation?

IMPROS allows you to ‘See’ and ‘Hear’ the English speech sounds that you make.

You will be able to ‘See’ some of the most important features of a British English accent, such as the length of the speech sound, its pitch, and the rise and the fall of English intonation. More importantly, you will be able to match your English speech pattern against the IMPROS teacher’s speech sound pattern. You may play, see, hear, and record your examples against your IMPROS teacher’s examples as often as you wish. By matching and practising your English pronunciation, IMPROS will help you to improve and to achieve a natural rhythm and intonation to your spoken English.

You can access the IMPROS Self-Study and Accent Training Zone when, where and as many times as you want as a registered subscriber.

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