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Terms of Registration

In submitting this Helper Registration Form you agree to the terms and undertaking below (EKC) is engaged generally in the promotion of English speech and language tuition to children of all capabilities and needs and in promoting its services within the sector through advertising and media promotions.

In completing this helper registration form and registering your child onto the EKC scheme you understand that your child may be chosen to appear in audio-visual productions to promote English speech and language tuition to a wider audience.

Should the child you register be chosen to take part in an audio-visual production you understand that you will be provided with relevant information about that production (and the promotion scheme generally) which is not information that is in the public domain.

Accordingly, prior to registering the child onto the EKC scheme and as part of the registration process you are required to agree (you hereby agree) that any ‘relevant information’ revealed or imparted to you is not information which is in the public domain and as such is confidential information which is to be treated by you as Confidential Information and will be held by you subject to the Undertaking set out below.



Relevant Information: means information regarding the audio-visual work being undertaken by EKC in the promotion of English speech and language tuition which is not in the public domain nor generally made available to persons using EKC services but which it is considered is relevant to be disclosed to you to enable you to make an informed decision as to whether you wish the child you are registering to participate in the specific production(s) for which the child has been chosen.

Confidential Information: means all content and detail within the ‘relevant information’ disclosed to you in the course of the invitation to the child you register to partake in audio-visual promotion(s) together with the knowledge imparted to you of the methods to be employed in the creation of the audio-visual production, including but not limited to the content, storyline, scripts, characters, music, production, persons involved in the production, venues, timings, together with any and all facts or partial information and material pertaining to all aspects of the production which has been retained by EKC and its agents for the purposes of retaining the information (whole or in part) from the public domain to retain its confidentiality.



I understand and agree that in submitting this Helper Registration Form and registering as a Helper:

I HEREBY UNDERTAKE that I will retain and hold any and all Relevant Information I receive or which is imparted to me (howsoever received) as being Confidential Information for all purposes and will not disclose or release the Information (in whole or part) to any person or person(s) or entities whatsoever by any means or in any form and at any time whatsoever prior to the Information being formally released into the public domain by EKC or its authorised Agents and that should I breach this undertaking or any part thereof I shall be liable in damages to EKC in a sum to be determined in proceedings for breach of undertaking regardless of and incidental to whether any specific or calculable loss or damage is suffered by EKC and that I agree to be liable for the costs incurred by EKC on an indemnity basis should any proceedings for breach of undertaking or to restrain any future breach be reasonably commenced against me.

I understand in providing this undertaking that EKC considers the nature of the Relevant Information to be so sensitive that it warrants such Confidentiality and that the protection afforded to the Information by way of this undertaking is reasonable in the circumstances.

NB> If you do not wish to provide this undertaking then do not submit this form.

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Data Protection

The Information you supply on this Helper Registration Form will be used only to enable to utilise your services as a ‘Helper’ and in the creation and development of its promotional material and audio-visual productions. To facilitate these services your information will be made available to EKC’s Agents and Partner Entities engaged in creating the services but only for that purpose and for the duration of the project and under confidentiality agreements with those Agents and Entities.

In compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations 2016 (GDPR) you agree that may retain the personal information (“data”) that you have supplied on the registration form. does not request or hold any financial data. agrees to only use the data for the purpose of providing English speech and language tuition services and will erase the data once it is no longer required, or when you ask to do so (whichever is sooner).

Save as provided for herein does not share personal information (“data”) or supply personal information (“data”) to any third party whatsoever.

You may request the details of the data held by at any time by sending a ‘request email’ to: [email protected]. will provide a copy the information/data it holds (registration document) within one calendar month of the request being received.

Any complaints regarding this data protection policy or in respect of any alleged breach of GDPR by you may file a complaint with the ICO (

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